Friday, January 24, 2014

∆, FLAG, soft

Aaron Winslow
This past fall, Mark Johnson invited me to read with Aaron Winslow at Hiding Place in Philadelphia. Hiding Place is a rare book and record shop that Mark runs.

It was my first reading in Philly since traveling down with Ben Fama, Michael Barron and the rest of the Supermachine crew to read at the Rotunda with Christian Hawkey, Genya Turovskaya and Nathaniel Otting, a few years ago.

At Hiding Place, I read some of the Spanish sections that Camilo Roldán wrote for ∆. I also read part of Judah Rubin's introduction to Flag. I recorded what I was reading on my iPhone and then played it back/over my own voice as I continued to read sections from both of these texts and from Soft.

Ryan Collerd, a photographer from Philly, was nice enough to take a few photos of the event.
dp, seated